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Hope things are going well with you. Still in some Turkish colony?

I ran into R the other day. He had a rough week. New job - some kind of physical thing? He didn't say. Looked dead on his feet and a bit hungover. We had dinner, and the shower definitely seemed to help. I think he wasn't expecting I'd want to ... I don't know. Help? Not your thing about worrying what he'd have to pay but more of a - like if he'd be welcome.

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Watercolor class is pretty interesting. I don't think I'm particularly skilled, but I've produced a few pictures. I enclosed something for you. I fear there are no apples to paint. Only a hideous vase, and some rather unconvincing wax pears and rubber grapes. May it ferment gently in the mail and arrive as a slightly better vintage.

Darius is ... Darius. I haven't seen much of him, but what I have doesn't say he's improved much. We had a holiday, so he probably was off doing his thing somewhere.

R, it turns out, is pretty charming. I think he's been around here all his life, and knows the area like the back of his hand. His grades wouldn't impress anyone, but - well - some people don't do well in schools to start with. I think he's taken it to heart though.

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My parents would say you're a corrupting factor, but I seem to be in possession of a package of watercolor paints and some brushes. I'm fairly certain a real artist would shudder at the time they spent in my coat on the way back to the dorm.

I'll be getting new roommates. Some important heir from one of the yavanite mining countries and someone taking a lot of dance classes. The first, apparently, is younger than the second, since the dean sat me down for a good long talk about how I will be at the very least suspended if your actions bring him into danger.

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